Visibility Capacity Retreat (Virtual)

With deep focus on your nervous system feeling safe to show up!

Unfold and expand your visibility capacity in business! 


Realize where you are blocking yourself and your naturalness, authenticity for being seen, where and why you are hiding.


It’s time to go to the core of the matters, heal and show yourself to the world!

What is visibility capacity?

Visibility capacity is all about the ability to show all of you to be fully seen in your life, relationships and business. This capacity work includes embracing and seeing all your internal parts, your shadow side (internal visibility) and your business’s strategies, structures and how you show up (external visibility).

"There’s visibility, and then there’s BEING SEEN."

You can go on a stage speaking to huge audiences and be completely invisible.

You can put a lot of efforts to post on social media regularly but have no clients at all.

You can have the best message and still people will not hear or understand you.

Most of our current marketing strategies are focused only on external tools and on external visibility. But let me tell you, no marketing company, best copy writers or hard work will be able to bring you the visibility you want in your business if you have VISIBILITY CAPACITY issues, if you are denying and hiding parts of yourself, if your energy is not aligned.

That’s why it feels like an “invisible wall” gets in your way everytime you want to grow your business, scale, share your gifts, create an impact, launch new products or try marketing strategies to attract clients . Have you ever felt like that?

It’s because your internal and external visibility capacity is not aligned. It's like trying to ride a bike with a stick in the wheel.

Let me ask you and be honest with yourself?

  • Are you afraid to show up fully in your business? Are you hiding some talents, vulnerabilities and parts of youself?
  • Is your income fluctuating all the time?
  • Do you attract “the wrong kind of attention” or not the right clients? 
  • Do you feel not all of you is ready? Do you feel like not all of your parts are safe to show up and you keep hiding?
  • Do you feel not seen or recognized for what you do?
  • Are you afraid of getting the big visibility opportunity because you are not sure if you could handle it and all the things it comes with? 
  • Are you still working as an employee instead of the CEO at your own company? 
  • Do you delay and sabotage opportunities to be more visible?
These are just some signs that you have a visibility capacity work to do..

How your nervous system impacts your visibility issues?

And let me bring here some important twist and food for thought:

  • What if posting a lot on social media and trying hard to be visible is just your fight response?
  • What if you working hard, perfecting and overthinking is just the flight response?
  • What if you are not a procrastinator, or lazy. What if hiding and not sharing your work is just your nervous system freeze response?
  • And what if you are feeling not seen because you are in your nervous system fawn response?

Your nervous system plays an essential role in the embodiment of your visibility, in your feeling of safety to be all of you. The main issue I noticed why people edit, compromise and create “not self” version in their business is often because their essence and truth was triggered into UNSAFETY. It’s a trauma response!

There are so many ways to hide and sabotage yourself, our bodies are so wise to keep us safe. And it goes deep and unconscious. It’s nothing logical, it’s just your body’s response to try and protect you from real or perceived threat and allow you to survive. It’s often related to our traumatic past experiences.

That’s why this retreat is strongly focused on somatic (body) psychology, understanding trauma responses and 4 ways our nervous system is wired to respond to danger: fight, flight, freeze and fawn.

I am super excited to invite you to this Virtual Retreat to uncover your Visibility blind spots and how our unregulated nervous system has a huge and foundational impact on that.

Who is this retreat for?

Entrepreneurs who want to deepen their capacity to be more visible in their business and are open to raise awareness of their subconscious blind spots.

You already know that desired new levels of visibility are possible for you, you are almost at the breakthrough but SOMETHING is blocking you, although you can’t quite pinpoint what.

You know your nervous system dysregulation plays a big role to your visibility and you would love to gain better awareness on how to deal with that.

This retreat is highly focused on your visibility embodyment, not only the awareness. It is for people who are ready to go deep, reflect, self study, do the needed work and focus on this topic through out the course, not only showing up in live calls. The journey starts upon your sign up.

Retreat Program

What it includes

  • 4 modules to address internal, external visibility, and how your nervous system dysregulation affects it all.
  • Live 90 min calls weekly.
  • Additional assignments, materials and meditations to go deeper.
  • Telegram group for sharings, insights, celebrations, support and questions.
  • Hot seats – personal attention to your visibility capacity situation.

Dates and modules

Module 1.

The internal visibility deep dive: your core visibility wounding and the golden shadow.

Module 2.

Our nervous system innate automatic responses to danger. Visibility issues due to trauma responses.

What are the 4 Fs (fight, flight, freeze and fawn), how to recognize them in your body and how to regulate it.

Module 3.

External visibility. How you are hiding in your showing up and ways of expressing your authentic self. Visibility tips according your Human Design.

Module 4.

Q & A and “love seats” to address your personal situations.

What do past retreat attendees have to say?

"Wow, what a wondrous experience. Thank you so much for your mini workshop. The second day meditation was truly exquisite and profound."
-Susan Davis
"Thank you for the beautiful space you create. It feels very safe, very equal and with so much humility that allows for the opening in me. I find it quite rare to discover spaces that are this “clean”, agendaless and with such mental clarity such as you can hold so yay for that! What a powerful gift you have! Thank you for allowing it to shine in the world!!!"
-Bryony Perkins
"Thank you for opening and holding this special space. It's a new world for me where I'm still not comfortable with."
-Agnès Le Moigne

Do you feel like the best kept secret in your business?
Well, let’s shift it into worst kept secret then!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

No problem. You will have the session recordings after the calls and you can watch it on your own timing during the week. And still can join the rest of the group and momentum at your own speed.

The recommended minimum 2 – 3 hours per week including one live event (or replay) and additional contemplation time on the topics discussed during the call. 

You decide how much time each week you want to spend watching the call videos, and working on the provided assignments. You can move through this material at your own pace throughout the live retreat, and beyond!

For the best benefits, I recommend to make sure to incorporate some time right after the calls for integration. We will go deep and it can shuffle, move and touch some things. Also, allow yourself extra space to ground and open yourself to go within before every live call. Those who know me, know that I like to go deep but it’s your responsibility to get ready for that.

If this resonates and you feel a strong pull and your body tells you should be here, your are super welcome! Trust your body.

Also, if you already have awareness that it is your capacity you need to work on to open your business, it can be greatly beneficial and most likely accelerate your growth avoiding playing out some of visibility capacity blind spots.

Needless to say, visibility is the capacity which is relevant in everyone’s life. This retreat is orientated to entrepreneurs but it can also apply it, if you work as employee and want to progress in your career. Totally!

Please feel free to send an email to and we will discuss where things are at for you and what you would like to take away from the retreat.  If I think that my retreat will be a powerful experience for you, I will be honest and tell you.

Please note that all sales are final. No refunds will be available once you make your purchase and register.

After payment, you will receive a welcome email with preparation assignments. And also you will be asked to create the password for a Thinkific account (e-mail will be used the same which you put for the billing). Thinkific is a portal where all of your content for the Visibility Capacity Retreat will be kept.

We also accept crypto currencies. Contact and we will arrange that.