Educational and experiential lifestyle training for sensitive people

Does this sound like you?

  • Have you ever been labeled as overly sensitive?
  • Do you often feel like you don’t fit in?
  • After a social gathering, do you need alone time to revive yourself?
  • Have you been told in your life to get a “thicker skin”?
  • Can loud noises, strong odors, or non-stop talkers overwhelm you?
  • Do arguments and yelling make you ill?
  • Do you feel other people’s stress, emotions or symptoms?
  • Do you tend to give your heart to people who don’t fully respect it?
  • Do you often give more in a relationship than you receive?
  • Have you asked yourself whether you will ever function ‘normally’ in this society?

Did you answer yes to several questions?

Chances are high that you are a Highly Sensitive Person, an Empath, or even both.

For many Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), sensitivity has become a negative word. It’s like, “Why do I have to live with this handicap?” In all honesty, it is a gift. But just like every other gift, it needs to be trained. This is how it works:

→ unskilled sensitivity = draining & blocking you in life

skilled sensitivity = a true superpower

But how do you get that skill? Nobody ever told us… The Western society guide book is written for competitive Type A people, but those guidelines don’t work for sensitives. Even worse, they are unhealthy for our systems.


Let’s do this together.

Nice to meet you, we are Elaira Tickute & Ayla Verheijen. We decided to bring a beautiful group of sensitive people together, and share all the highlights of our sensitivity wisdom.

This is not your usual training.

Don’t expect Powerpoint slides with infinite bullet points from us.
This is interactive, sharing knowledge and experiences training. There is ample space for everyone to share your stories and questions, and we are looking forward to hearing them.

We are actively avoiding superficial information, there’s already enough of that.
We are sharing deeply relevant information that took us years to find, and the methods that we know to be effective from our own experience.

All of your senses will be included during the training.
Essential oils, options for hand massage, music that brings you in different brain states, a phenomenal location with a 100 plants that calm your nervous system… we made sure that all of your senses will be nurtured during this day.

Our 1 day live training in Amsterdam will help you to:

  • Better understand how your nervous system works
  • Accept your sensitivity
  • Gain deeper knowledge about who HSP and Empaths are and what they need
  • What habits can be life-saving for you
  • Know how to manage your boundaries, protect yourself from energy drainers, and how to build intimate relationships that work
  • Better thrive at work and know what kind of jobs are good for you
  • Practical tips on how to take care of your health and vitality
  • Meet & build connections with other sensitive people
  • Get practical answers and tools on how to change your lifestyle
  • Understand why you have this sensitivity
  • Understand why seemingly nice people can still drain you

(and yes, that’s a picture of the location!)

As a result you:

  • Gain inner peace or at least advanced tools towards that feeling
  • Feel more empowered
  • Have a clear plan of what you need to change in the main areas of your life
  • Know how to take better care of your health and energy
  • Know what it takes to turn your sensitivity into a strength
  • See the higher purpose of your sensitivity

The program

Science & the facts

  • The facts & science of being highly sensitive and where it comes from
  • The ‘energy market’: Why do we get drained SO easily?
  • Some interesting advantages of being sensitive
  • The difference between unskilled sensitivity & skilled sensitivity
  • The (important!) difference between HSPs and Intuitive Empaths.
  • Your Empath Expertise – what type of Empath are you?
  • Where are your innate sensitive conditioning areas (based on Human Design) & how to cleanse them

Keeping your energy, health, and vitality

  • How to recognize and set clear boundaries (the main focus will be on emotional and energetic boundaries).
  • How to take care of your health
  • What your nervous system needs
  • The 5 main types of energy drainers
  • How to stop absorbing other people’s distress and negative feelings
  • Strategies for overarousal and other daily critical lifestyle practices

Love, work & thriving

  • How to recognize your own core frequency and how to attract more of what you want by stepping into that frequency
  • How to communicate your boundaries, needs and educate others
  • Recognizing narcissists and how to never attract them again
  • How to attract partners (and friends!) that take as much care of you as you of them
  • Reframing your childhood and adolescence: learning to parent yourself. Reparenting your gifted self
  • How to be sensitive and thrive at work. What jobs and environments fit you



Elaira Tickute

High Potential Coach, podcast host, and future of work advocate. Her purpose is to help people connect to who they truly are, enable space to unleash their potential and allow them to thrive in the changing new world.

I used to pass out in busses due to packed crowdedness, my body used to shut down and collapse in school from overstimulation & I had several burnouts in my fast track career. My biggest struggle was to manage my energy and understand the concept of boundaries because I felt other people’s emotions as mine and I never knew where I start and where I end, what is mine and what is not. So, I carried too many responsibilities and constantly lost myself on the way.

Ayla Verheijen

Connecting people to their core frequency & organizing an authentic marketing revolution

For a long time, I thought I must be really broken because I wasn’t able to deal with this reality. I couldn’t speak to people without losing myself in them, I couldn’t go shopping without feeling drained afterwards, and I often attracted relationships that weren’t healthy for me. My biggest struggle was to start loving that hypersensitive part in me.

Thorsten Meininger

A naturopath, detox expert, and author. He is committed to help the world recalling all healing powers that Mother Nature constantly offers us.

For years I suffered from the most extreme headaches, followed by more than 80 food allergies. I could no longer eat anything without physical reactions such as a  rash in my face and bowel problems. And if I hadn’t discovered the power of essential oils, I would still be bedridden and battling pain right now or even might have died already. My sensitivity made me who I am today!


Want to know if you are HSP or Empath for sure? Do the test

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