1 on 1 sessions

Personalized support building the business YOUR WAY, nurturing your gifts, dreams, desires & most vulnerable parts, so you dare to be all of you.

Are you wise, strong, talented, caring but feeling stuck, lost, off-track, and tired of dimming your light and not living your potential?

Are you ready to address unfinished emotional business, and discover hidden aspects of yourself that have been operating behind the scenes?

Are you craving for something different, non-conventional, something deeper?

Then, you are in the right place!

The world is fundamentally changing, and many old ways don’t work anymore. The new business paradigm is on a rise! And there was never bigger time for a change.

So, what is holding you back? And how can you change that? 

My approach

My focus is not on your strategies, goals, or climbing your career ladders.

For me, it’s about expanding your capacity to receive life, handle your growth, and express what you want through the more authentic version of yourself.

Only from this place, you can create that business or career with sustainable and even better success. If you dare to show up fully, life will only mirror, acknowledge, and celebrate the beauty that you are! That’s the law of nature.

And to do that, you need to open your heart and embrace, claim and heal all parts of yourself. You need to know where it closes and where you bump in your unworthiness.

Growth is not a comfortable journey. Inner work is probably one of the most challenging jobs you will do in your life, but it’s the most rewarding one.

I take my work seriously, and I care about it deeply. I take you seriously. I put my 100% in, and I expect you to put your 100% in, too. I dare to tell people things that others don’t; I like to put my finger where it hurts, I go deep, and sometimes you won’t even know how you got there, but we will get there if you are committed. The work we do together is profound, soul-shifting, and allows you to finally step into a whole new way of being in the world.

“Effortless Flow of life happens when you courageously do what’s right for your soul.”

My why

Don’t you think it’s the saddest thing in the world that being free and unapologetic YOU is the scariest thing in life for so many people? Don’t you find it somewhat fundamentally wrong?

It breaks my heart to see how many live in voluntary oppression, slavery, and constant self-harm. How many disconnect from innate nature, body, instincts, intuition, and how all kinds of abuse are normalized.

That’s not the world I want to live in. And I am convinced there is another and more magical and effortless way! I am on a mission to heal and change that. I dream for a better world for all of us.

My client’s journey

Video with Anna’s journey from working as a therapist for 12 years to claiming her innate gift and identity as a writer. Something she always dreamed about.

More other people stories are HERE.


Connect with me

You do not have to struggle alone. I believe alone you can go just so far…

Let me support you through your growth and expansion. Let’s talk about how can you receive and hold more of what you want and create. On the deepest level, you know what you need and what’s right for you. My role is to help you access and navigate that inner guidance compass, so you can honor it.

Not sure if I am the right person?

Just get in touch, let’s have a conversation, let’s explore it together and we can take it (or not) from there… No obligations. Just take that first step! Not for me, for yourself. I encourage you to use your mind, heart, and intuition when deciding if we’re the right fit.


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