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You’re craving something different, something deeper?

Elaira Flow Coaching is about personal development and getting to know yourself without false assumptions about who you are. It unleashes your latent capacity, so you can thrive and make the impact in the world you came here to do!

Tired of not living your highest potential?

Deep down, we all know of what we are truly capable. But so often, our potential gets buried under layers of rules, norms, fears, judgments and limiting beliefs. While others have a lot of influence, ONLY YOU know if you are tapping into and living up to it.

A simple yet very powerful truth: When we don’t live our full potential, we instead live a life of personal mediocrity. Which life do you currently live? And do you want a change?

I help powerful people to remember how powerful they are

I work with bright and talented individuals who refuse to continue to dim their inner brilliance to fit ’the norms’ and are ready to courageously step into their inner power. People who would love to authentically express themselves, but feel stuck and unsure how to unfold. Individuals who recognize that their old ways no longer work, and are striving for personal mastery and more purposeful life. People who desire to live the best version of themselves and are open to doing the required inner work.

The Approach

My approach combines a unique flow of strength, intuition, and structure. It allows the dialogue quickly to go deep and straight to the core. It is a combination of innate talents and the knowledge gained through years’ experience in human psychology and business. It is naturally fused to bring you a compassionate, and when needed, bold approach.

I take it seriously, do you?

Whether you are facing opportunities or challenges, Elaira Flow Coaching is for committed and courageous souls.

 I take my work seriously. I take you seriously. I put my 100% in and I expect you to put your 100% in, too. I dare to tell people things that others don’t. The work we do together is profound, soul-shifting, and allows you to finally step into a whole new way of being in the world.

Don’t know if I am the right person for you?

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