Mastermind feedback
Reece Backhouse
Discovery Coach
The Culturetect

Being a part of Elaira’s mastermind group has been some of the most progressive weeks of my business and personal development over the last two years. The dynamic between the group and the facilitation proved a recipe for magic! The formation of participants that Elaira carefully selected were such a great match from the first session. It’s awesome to not only receive such profound support from fellow members but to be able to offer a part in their progression. I wanted to overcome some big internal fears and challenges I was facing in the way of growth, and those goals were so beautifully achieved by the fuel and sparky input from my fellow members and the inspiration they offered, whilst being exposed to a wonderful level of ambition. It has made me realize the power of personal connections goes far beyond a social level. With this being my first mastermind experience, it’s made me eager to explore more but at the same time, it has certainly set the standard very high for the next one I embark on! Thanks, Elaira!