Patricia Ferro
Information Technology Strategy Consultant

I just realize on these days, how strong I was and how many things I was dealing this year …to be honest I don’t know how I have done …but thanks to Elaira I also learned to listen my soul, my feelings, my body as never before because nobody was teaching me this!

I’m extremely grateful I have met such a beautiful soul like Elaira …She is so gentle and powerful who can really put people in the path of changing the world!

I went with her in a discovery phase of loving myself, being aware of who I am and realizing what is my “Why” in the world. Every session is unknown and creative, going deeply in the feeling and mind power, drawing together a moment of the past and present in order to have the visible link between how I was, how I’m now and what are my dreams. It’s really helpful to see the connections but also the disconnections of myself with people, nature, places, and workplace around me.