Ninie van Den Broek

Though we had met years ago, I bumped into Elaira during an event, right at the moment both my personal and professional life crashed down, meaning it was the perfect timing to reinvent myself. After our short conversation, I knew I had to work with her.
The connection was immediate and I loved her approach, so simple and natural! It felt like she knew where I have to go in my life. She guided me to go deep inside of me to get my wishes and dreams to the surface. Though at first, I didn’t dare to believe in my potential (due to years of misguidance), everything that came out was making sense and felt right, like an obviousness.
From ideas for one project, I now have ideas for dozen projects flowing in and I know there are more to come.

Working with Elaira was like giving birth to a new me and she was my midwife, I’m so happy and grateful it happened!