Cindy Yee

For years I’ve struggled with finding my place in this world, feeling stuck and paralyzed in many ways. I came across Elaira’s website when researching life coaches and reached out to her and already from the first session, I could sense her deep level of empathy, understanding and ability to recognize exactly who we are, especially when we don’t recognize it in ourselves. She was able to help me uncover the many layers of conditioning that over the years have made me lose myself, or maybe not even know myself at all.

She’s kind and understanding but also encroaches enough over our comfort zones and boundaries to stretch us just that tiny bit further to help us grow and see that life is so much than just what we know in our comfort zones. Her being there as a guiding light with deep insight, always asking the right question to make you see things from a completely different perspective was of immense help for my own personal journey of acceptance and self-love.

Definitely a powerhouse with her strong intuitive sense of giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. Thank you Elaira, for your talent of helping us see our own beauty and bringing it out in each and every one of us.