Adrián González

I’ve longed for achieving my full potential for many years. The journey was deep and profound. I was able to see, understand and feel the depth of wounds that shape my life, what blocks me from achieving what I want and what I thought I wanted and what I really desire from life. I was immersed in our work and I left every session feeling like I’ve made progress.

The exercises helped materialize and bring down to hearth my ideas and fantasies which led to much valued realizations, insights and understandings alongside with laughs and tears. Elaira gave me guidance, direction, support and empathy. She knew when to challenge and how to push. The framework was solid and the context enabling.

There is a before and after in my life after going through this process. I used to find relief in getting a secure 9 to 5 job because it gave me the means to have a normal life. Now, with this strong foundation, I’ve found the confidence and strength to move on to what I really want straight ahead fully aware of the risks and rewards of my choices.

Thank you Elaira. May more people experience your talent.