Ninie van de Broek

Though we had met years ago, I bumped into Elaira during an event, right at the moment both my personal and professional life crashed down, meaning it was the perfect timing to reinvent myself. After our short conversation, I knew I had to work with her.
The connection was immediate and I loved her approach, so simple and natural! It felt like she knew where I have to go in my life. She guided me to go deep inside of me to get my wishes and dreams to the surface. Though at first, I didn’t dare to believe in my potential (due to years of misguidance), everything that came out was making sense and felt right, like an obviousness.
From ideas for one project, I now have ideas for dozen projects flowing in and I know there are more to come.

Working with Elaira was like giving birth to a new me and she was my midwife, I’m so happy and grateful it happened!

Jolanta Apolewicz

The trip with Elaira was a surprise in every aspect. I was thinking of taking travel to Maldives to pamper myself. Instead I invested those money for 12 sessions of coaching with Elaira. And…  it appears this was the best investment ever!  The reason I started coaching process was to get my dream job. Instead of that during the very first sessions I ended up bursting into tears talking through my relation with my mother. We never got into the topic of my dream job. But I don`t have this idea fix any more. I know it will come when I am ready. Meanwhile, the most fabulous (and unexpected) result I have reached is that I realized that “the tuning fork inside of me” is not trembling any longer. This serenity inside is precious and enchanting 😉 Thank you, Elaira!

Jeannette Kroeskop

Elaira is an amazing and beautiful being with a warm, intuitive heart. Working with her I experienced her profound understanding and knowledge of human design. She is asking questions that helped me understand and see things differently so I could connect the dots. Her communication is clear, no nonsense, to the point and very respectful. Her sessions are professional yet honest, kind, supportive and full of relevant information. She is truly interested and motivated to guide you towards insights that will help you ground deep into your own system. I highly recommend to work with her, she will share her talents to your benefit so you too may Flow on your own path.

Reece Backhouse (coaching)

The levels of compassion and heartfelt care from Elaira is something that comes rare these days. Her values and mission to unfold potential in people is just what’s needed at always the right time. Her authentic way of connecting you to your true self is profoundly backed by what feels like lifetimes of experience and naturally grounded energy.

Cindy Yee

For years I’ve struggled with finding my place in this world, feeling stuck and paralyzed in many ways. I came across Elaira’s website when researching life coaches and reached out to her and already from the first session, I could sense her deep level of empathy, understanding and ability to recognize exactly who we are, especially when we don’t recognize it in ourselves. She was able to help me uncover the many layers of conditioning that over the years have made me lose myself, or maybe not even know myself at all.

She’s kind and understanding but also encroaches enough over our comfort zones and boundaries to stretch us just that tiny bit further to help us grow and see that life is so much than just what we know in our comfort zones. Her being there as a guiding light with deep insight, always asking the right question to make you see things from a completely different perspective was of immense help for my own personal journey of acceptance and self-love.

Definitely a powerhouse with her strong intuitive sense of giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. Thank you Elaira, for your talent of helping us see our own beauty and bringing it out in each and every one of us.

Milena Blomqvist (HD)

Loved my first Human Design with Elaira. Our meting was packed with information without being overwhelming. She is a wonderfully intuitive coach and I could feel she was with me every step of the way, helping me understand what my essence is all about and – more importantly – how to begin to embody it. I will definitely book more sessions with her!

Nina Jones (HD)

Ah, our session is gently integrating.  So much is making sense, and the timing was total perfection.  I love the way that you followed your creative response to working with me, and that through the session I gained so much clarity about my way of being.  There is an ease landed following your explanations of what my Human Design shows.  There are patterns that I have always had, and resisted in the past, but the session gave me new perspectives.  This means that I am finding greater ease in being me. And also recognizing how just being ME influences the world, and those around me.
It was super fun chatting and having your input and humorous engagement in the session. There are layers of awareness, complexity and understanding all coming together as I weave and get comfortable with who is emerging.

June Barker (HD)

Being 70, I am unaccustomed to coaching, so I was surprised to find an instant connection to Elaira. I’m at a transitional period in my life, so to be fully seen & heard was wonderful. She validated my uniqueness and my creativity. Our session was uplifting and I experienced a range of beautiful deep emotions from joy to grief. I honestly felt I could express myself fully and received confirmation about the direction of many projects. My system felt a huge relief. Elaira has the ability to heal, renew and enlighten.

Petra Heveroch (HD)

Elaira has a beautiful gift that I would recommend to everybody. With absolute clarity, precision, warmth and a deep inner knowing she can show you your human design in a unique way. I got so much out of this deep dive session, things clicked energetically, it landed in my heart and body, it was integrated. She knows what impulses you need, which dots to connect, which areas to visit, how to include your needs & struggles and how to navigate the immense field of information to something super practical for daily life. I was blown away. It touched me on so many levels, I understand myself so much better, I accepted and now celebrate parts of me that I rejected before and I have a toolbox that I will use. Its so empowering, magical and beautiful. If you are new to this or already well into human design, this offer is worth it. Thank you dear Elaira.