Let's grow our business from the place of ease, joy, and flow.

Let's rewrite how we do business.

How is the building of your business going?


Does it feel stuck and heavy, or are you having fun and flow?


Does it feel more like a responsibility or more like a joyful expression of you?


Do you build it from the head or your all body?

When it comes to living an expansive, easeful life we often exclude one of the biggest parts – our business or livelihood.

In fact, most people assume ‘business’ means ‘busy-ness’: hustling, compromising, stress, hard work, and long days (or nights). Basically, a bundle of things that leave us burnt out, depleted, and barren of life force energy.

I notice collectively there is a lot of healing happening in many areas of our lives. Likewise, I guess you probably did a lot of inner work yourself? Thank you for that.

And still, when it comes to building business, I notice people almost autopilot switch to the head and jump building business what I call in “old business paradigm way”. They rush investing in business strategies, sales funnels, creating a beautiful logo, well-planned social media posts, etc. Hey, and it’s nothing wrong with that “per se”.

But before you invest tons of money there, let me tell you something…

Actually, entrepreneurship is primarily an internal game…

It’s not really about the business strategy, but how you show up in that strategy energetically and in your way of being!

External success only happens when you allow your internal world to expand and grow first. It’s about your own liberation from within.

It’s knowing who you are, who you are not, what you need, claiming your desires freely, and regulating your nervous system to feel safe in receiving and embodying more.

I invite you on a online business retreat

April 21st and 22nd, 2022
1 pm GMT / 2 pm CET / 4 pm Tbilisi. Check your time zone HERE

Day 1: Your relationship with your business.

  • What is your relationship with your business?
  • Connecting with your business energy from your relaxed body vs your mind.
  • What your business needs from you right now.
  • How do you need to show up for your business?

Up to 2 hours.

Day 2: A receiving paradigm.

  • Are you making money or receiving money?
  • Money trauma.
  • Receiving wounds.
  • “Allowing to receive” meditation.
  • Importance to regulate your nervous system in your growth and expansion.

Up to 2 hours.

Please bring a notebook and set yourself in a comfortable place for the meditation.

Energetic exchange suggestion is from 60 to 250 euro. Choose any number in that range that feels the most resonant in your body! Payments with cryptocurrencies are available.

Watch a replay

*All the payments are non-refundable.

*In case of any questions, please contact connect@beta.elairaflow.com