Nervous system capacity program

You ready! 

Ready to claim your power, collect that dispersed energy, go to the next level, grow, expand, build your business, yourself and the life you desire…

But you also want to do it differently:

💥  Not from pushing through your boundaries and burnout but from aligned, easeful, steady, and pleasurable place.


💥 Not from the charge and triggers but from rooted centeredness, from your true energetic frequency instead of your nervous system coping strategies and dysregulation.


💥 Not from trying to hide & protect yourself because you can’t take more but to be able to hold and handle your growth edges, being able to know how to really manage your growing pains,  boundaries, recognize the charge in your body and regulate yourself. 


💥 When things don’t go right, respond to it not from tough in it up, putting armours and hardening kind of resilience but that tender, softening resilience because you know you can handle it, you don’t need to keep it stored in your body and live in an internal war zone but you are able to release it and calm back to ease, calmness & safety.


💥 Not from a place of pressure and pushing but learning to listen to your body, be in loving relationship with it and do it in pace of your own body rhythm, readiness and capacity.

You came into the right place!

I invite you to an educational program to understand the foundations about our nervous system capacity, how it works, affects everything and is the core for our feeling of safety.

 How it works, how it influences literally everything and how to increase this capacity, so you could hold more of your business, your growth, you challenges and life.

Practising how to regulate my nervous system, navigate my nervous system edges, and find the safety during biggest nervous system charges was foundationally shifting how I show up in life and my business. If I would have to advice which capacity to start with from all the capacities I am focusing on, it would be this one!

Your nervous system is probably the core and essential capacity, it’s your key guardian for embodiment and navigating through life!

What is nervous system capacity?

It’s not about trying always be at peace all the time, it’s not about not having difficult situations anymore.  It’s a capacity to regulate your nervous system towards a bigger flexibility of holding both ends & all spectrum that’s available to you: pleasure, ease, safety, peace and also pain, contraction, limits & triggers.

People often work and create not only their business but all their life from unregulated nervous system and trauma response. And often they even don’t know it because that’s how they functioned many years, it became familiar state of being, it’s what they know…
And in the meanwhile, this trauma response becomes the part of their identity.
💥  But maybe you are not workaholic and that super busy person trying to build perfect life and perfect self? Maybe you are just hiding under  flight response to regulate yourself and to avoid feeling what needs to be felt or being with your pain? 

💥  Maybe you are not overachiever or being a strong person who has a warrior spirit constantly, maybe it is just functioning from a fight response because you actually don’t feel safe to be vulnerable and relaxed?

💥  Maybe you are not lazy, procrastinating “couch potato” and maybe that judgement is not needed for not being able to move into action and to get anything done? Maybe your body is just overwhelmed and triggered into the nervous system’s  freeze response

💥  Maybe your mission to help people, putting other people needs first on the cost of draining yourself is not who you actually are? Maybe you are just not aware you are functioning from a chronic fawning response?

This program will include:

  • 5 modules with 90 min recorded sessions. 
  • Additional practical exercises, assignments, materials, tools and recorded tracks to go deeper on each topic.

Dates and Modules

Module 1.

How our nervous system work & 4Fs response (Fight, flight, freeze and fawn).

Module 2.

Triggers, over-couplings & dealing with a charge.

Module 3.

Nervous system co-regulation & dysregulation.

Module 4.

Different somatic practices for nervous system available in the market. LIVE example of somatic experience integration. 

Special guest Caroline Thompson

Module 5.

Nervous system CAPACITY, boundaries and finding safety.

Gain awareness how your nervous system works, learn to recognize what your body communicates to you all the time and how to increase your capacity to receive, handle and manage more.

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What do past attendees have to say?

Big shifts for me: being able to feel in my body whether I'm resisting or not the work that I'm about to do, opening up for new ways of expressing myself creatively, I wrote a poem, for the first time after my teenage years and divorcing from the abusive relationship that I had with my business.
Annemie Magdaleen
The nervous system freeze tendency feels so clear to me now. And I feel a tendency now to want to change it quickly so appreciate the reminder to take it step by step. Thank you for the beautiful space you create. It feels very safe, very equal and with so much humility that allows for the opening in me. I find it quite rare to discover spaces that are this “clean”, agendaless and with such mental clarity such as you can hold so yay for that! What a powerful gift you have! Thank you for allowing it to shine in the world!!!
Bryony Perkins
I knew I had some reservations like these, but this came in - POW! Trusting it was in perfect timing and alignment to be released. Love to you and thank you for providing the beautiful venue for that to unfold.
Christine Pensa