I slowed down recently a lot…

And when I did that, I was invited to slow down even more… To honour my body, my energy, my process and accept all the little steps in between…

A lot of big dreams, projects, ideas, forms are circling in my field, some of them have a lot of elements ready and just waiting for me to show up.

BUT my body is NOT ready! So, I am learning slowly to fall in love with slowness…

To honour only embodied actions, respecting more & with clearer boundaries who/what has access to my energy and accepting that I am ready when I am… Not sooner or later. Letting go the rush and being ok with that. I am dropping all the expectations, all suppose to do and honoring body and building business process capacity as it is.

I am leaning deeper and deeper in that surrender of receiving paradigm.

I let life to nurture me, to fill my cup instead of trying to control and do it all myself. And the more I trust that universe has my back, that all my desires can be met, more I receive! And even more – I receive more effortlessly and easefully. It just comes in the most magnetic and miraculous ways (including the clients). Life will always ask for your precious energy!

So, I am inviting you today into my caving hermit reflections space with me too:

✨How you would behave if you would really know that you will be successful?

✨Who would you be if you know your desires and needs will be met for sure?

✨What would you do if you know it is guaranteed you will build the business you want?

How that touches you? Can you allow that though and feeling?