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Where we are most open, we get most conditioned by society, parents and our surroundings. The awareness of our ‘sensitivity map’ is crucial for us to thrive in this hectic world because this is the part where we often get off track, confused & distracted from our natural path.

The more you know about where exactly you are open for conditioning, the easier it will be to prevent your energy from leaking away. Moreover, those sensitive areas in you are often hiding your biggest talents. This is where you biggest wisdom potential lies. 

In a very exact way, Human Design can show you the blueprint/map of your areas where you are the most prone for distraction and influence. Knowing that allows to be more compassionate to yourself. You need to accept the fact that you will have MIS-takes in those areas. That’s the point of the openness – you are here to learn, get mature and wise about it through all your life.

There are nine areas (9 centers), which ones do you have open? Are you here to learn and gain wisdom about emotions, stress, expectations, self worth, sensitivity to environment, have different identities and directions, or how to let things go….? 

How to listen to the tracks?

I recommend to start with “9 centers introduction” and follow with the track called “Defined and undefined centers”.

When you get the foundations, understanding of characteristics, and relation between open and defined centers, I suggest to proceed through all open centers in your design.

There is information in each specific center track how it works when it is defined too. So, you may get value to go through all centers.

Quantum Human Design™ Copyright © Karen Curry Parker

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Quantum Human Design™ Copyright © Karen Curry Parker