Expansion process

Our life is a constant expansion, development, and progression process. And yet we don’t really know how to handle it properly or allow a full depth of the process cycle. I notice this is where a lot of my clients get stuck, but also where I fell down over and over again, sabotaging myself back into my smallness.

In this blog, I want to talk about it in more detail.

1. Breath in phase

It’s a growing, expanding, rising stage. It’s where you step in your bigger version of yourself or your business. Expansion happens in your breath in! And it is beautiful, uplifting, exciting energy.

We live in a world that easily allures us into the addiction of this stage. We are encouraged to just breathe in… and in… and in… That’s how we are told success is built.

Last year was quite a huge and stretchy leap in my business and my personal life. I think all year was just one big breath in all the time. All areas of my life were affected!

More about it you can read in this blog. Also, you can see some pictures of amazing Georgian nature. It literally steals my heart every day more…

2. But landing in your growth happens with breath out…

It’s an absolutely essential part of the process. We often tend to jump through it too fast and too soon due to our societal conditioning to be in the masculine “breath in” stage all the time…

It’s digestion time… It’s about giving proper time and space for all those changes to sink in. It’s unwinding, leaning in, receiving, surrendering, and recharging. And I realized, the bigger in-breath, the longer out-breath you need.

Slowing down like this can be quite scary to the body because it is not always comfortable. Shit comes up! Old doubts, stories, fears, wounds, coping strategies, etc. In other words, you will bump into the glass ceilings that were blocking you from the embodiment of that expansion in the first place.

I didn’t have the resources to give and had to pause my business. I took a sabbatical and for 6 months, I was asked very strongly to slow down and heal, release, integrate some parts that were left behind or needed more delicate attention, and space. I literally could go just as fast as the slowest parts of me were ready to.

And very importantly, I had to recalibrate my nervous system in safety, ease, and tenderness. Only this way, I could expand my capacity to receive, handle and hold more of new me, my new life, and what I want. Not with doing more…

3. And that weird twilight zone…

And then I reached that other funky stage. When I was ready to come out of my cave… but also not really…

Do you know that time in a day when it’s not clear is it a day or is it the evening already? That 15 min in a day of the twilight zone when you look in the sky and don’t know if it is light or is it dark already?

That grey area of your upgrade when you don’t fit in your old life shoes, but the new life is not firmly crafted yet either. When you are not old you anymore, but the new you didn’t clearly shape yet. Do you recognize it in your life?

This stage is also so damn uncomfortable and very sensitive. It requires a lot of patience, super self-love, and a lot of gentleness. I noticed if I rush this stage up and put myself out there too fast, I may get overwhelmed, attract unwanted energies and confuse myself even more. It’s like a baby learning to take the first steps with new upgraded you. You have to be extra kind, careful, supportive, and the biggest cheerleader of yourself.

And then…

My body was ready! And I came back with so much power that I keep surprising myself. And it also pours in everything I touch, I build, I create. It feels I have a capacity to hold the big new breath in and my next level up.

If you recently had huge expansions, let this blog be the invitation for you to allow slowing down, leaning in, and recharge. Let your nervous system recalibrate to safety. Let your body tell you what it needs and when it is ready. Your body knows, and there is so much wisdom you may miss if you don’t listen to it.

This is how you expand the capacity in your business growth. This is the work towards the success of YOU!

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