Anchoring in the now

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When our nervous system is activated and overcharged with past, future events, stress or even perceived threads, we may feel unsafe, dissociated, numb, and disembodied. It can show up as disorientation, not being able to focus, fogginess, grumpiness, anxiety, not being able to find your body or to sense some parts of it.

And in most cases, if you really do inventory of the cause, what we are dealing with is remembered or anticipated threat which dislocated us from time, space and centre of our body coordinates. In the meanwhile our present moment is safe and peaceful.

This track helps to find back your coordinates, orientate your body in the present moment and inform, anchor your body in the location it currently is at. Feeling the now is about what is really very practically in the NOW.

This practise also helps you to feel more aligned and attuned to grounded safety existing in the moment, increases your embodiment capacity, and helps to recognize where and when you leave your body. Also, how it feels living in the embodied present moment as the contrast.

When we realize our body doesn’t need to be on alert to anticipated threat, it can relax.

P.S. This is also very helpful for people who work many hours online and are connected with many different locations. It can increase the confusion to your body where is it.