Capacity work for business growth, authentic embodiment and expansion

It’s not your business strategy, it’s your capacity.

“The old business paradigm” is very strongly focused on business strategies, methods, & tools. And yes, they do matter. But all of them or none of them can work for you the same way. The main issue with it is that they all are usually very mental and exclude the mechanics of energetics.

What matters much more is your readiness, embodiment and increased capacity to receive & create more. That’s what usually makes it or breaks it! Your nervous system regulation probably being the frontier for all that.

Capacity work is the foundational bedrock of your expansion and success. It’s also the main container for those strategies to land.

But what is the capacity?

Capacity is the ability to embody, receive, hold, and handle more of who you are and what you want to create.


You can have everything you want tomorrow…

But the question, can you hold it? Can you take care of it? Can you really let it in and receive your highest dreams and desires? Are you able to manage it sustainably? 

This is what people hardly talk about in the “old business paradigm”. 

About capacity work

The capacity work I established through years of my own personal growth journey, building businesses and experience supporting people on their authentic journey of entrepreneurship and climbing career ladders. 

And building business/career here I don’t mean to do something that makes money but harms everything around including yourself. I am talking here about your soul purpose, about embodiment more of your essence, expression of your innate gifts, and what you want to create, experience or shape in this world. 

Capacity work is a constant process and you have to practise re-alignment, readjust in every level of your business expansion and growth. It’s like a muscle training to run longer distances. 

Also, those capacities are often closely interrelated and come hand in hand influencing each other.

See the list below. It’s not finished or complete list, it’s also not my purpose. I selected and summarized the most essential and the ones people struggle the most in my experience.

"The best way to grow your business and make impact is to work on yourself"

Foundational capacities

Everything in life is relationship, everything is relational matter would it be your business, your clients, your food or yourself. You are in constant relationship with everything! And your success depends on what relationship you have, nourish and build. 

Some examples how it may show up if you have a visibility capacity issues:

  • You have struggles to get clients or built community.
  • You focus more on your products, offers and prices instead what your clients need and allowing yourself to connect or care for them. 
  • You are deeply affected what people think about you, how many followers and likes on social media you have.
  • Your business becomes who you are and you are in deep enmeshment with it.
  • You are afraid to express your truth or show vulnerability to your clients or audience.
  • Your show up inconsistently for your clients.
  • You are constantly in fear people will not buy, will not like your offers, won’t subscribe to your launch and even reduce prices just to get people what you share.

Nervous system is the foundational bridge of our dreams and embodyment. It is what helps to stay calm, stay in the body, stay grounded, helps us deal with stress. Regulation of your nervous system is essential quality for you to rewire your patterns, be able to hold and handle more with ease and flow.

These are some examples if you function and build your business from dysregulated nervous system:

  • You are chronic people pleaser.
  • You are proud you are workoholic but you are on a verge of the burnout.
  • You feel constantly like can’t get yourself doing things, blame yourself that you are lazy and constantly sabotaging yourself.
  • You would like to expand and go really big but feel terrified and think you just can’t handle.
  • You don’t have time for real self care or personal life.
  •  You can’t find feeling of safety, ease, calm in your system.

Visibility capacity is all about the ability to show all of you to be fully seen in your life, relationships and business. This capacity work includes embracing and seeing all your internal parts, your shadow side, claiming your innate gifts (internal visibility) and your business’s strategies, structures and how you show up (external visibility).

Some examples how it may show up if you have a visibility capacity issues:

  • You are afraid to show up fully in your business. You are hiding some talents, vulnerabilities and authentic parts of yourself.
  • You feel like best kept secret.
  • You attract clients, partners, providers who represent parts you need to heal or integrate.
  • You are afraid to take visibility opportunity because you are afraid you won’t be able to handle it.

Clear boundaries are essential to keep your business and yourself growing. It’s ability to guard your time, energy and also be clear who you are and what you are not, what you want to manifest and experience and what not. Not having boundaries opens energetic leakages for other capacities. Boundaries is the container holding it. 

Some examples how you may have boundaries capacities work to do:

  • You don’t know how and/or it is very hard for you to say NO to people, projects, workload, etc.
  • You give a lot of stuff and help clients for free.
  • You are overworked and overscheduled.
  • You work with clients you don’t want to. 
  • You are constantly available.
  • You are allowing other people too much to influence define who you are and what you have to do.
  • Drama, “the wrong kind of attention” or not the right clients takes too much of your time life.

Money capacity is very charged topic and attached with many patterns. Money capacity is not only ability to earn, receive money but also ability to hold and manage increasing amounts, re-invest and have consistent growth.

Some examples if you need to work on money capacity:

  • You have great ability to earn money but you can’t hold it, it seems it slips through your fingers.
  • Not being able to create consistency with earnings.
  • Making a lot of money leads to breakdown of some sort: health or relationships problems.
  • You tell yourself that money doesn’t matter but some voice in you craves it a lot.
  • You are not growing financially on the rate you think your should be growing.
  • You function in “feast or famine” mode: A situation in which something is always either extremely abundant or in extremely short supply.



Ability to receive all you want is key for your desires embodiment. Often people manifest what they want but get totally numb or sabotage themselves to loose it all again because they can’t really receive it in their body. Receiving is about stop pushing, working hard and allowing nature, universe come to you instead. 

Some examples if you have receiving capacity work to do:

  • You give a lot but have struggles to to receive.
  • You don’t ask for help and are more DIY kind of person in how you build your business.
  • You don’t believe that things can come easily for you.
  • You don’t believe you deserve all you want.
  • You are on the verge of burnout.
  • You don’t trust other people good intentions.
  • You don’t feel safe to have a lot of money, clients, or love or think you have to give a lot for that.
  • You achieve your goal but don’t feel any joy and just move on to a next thing.
  • You don’t feel worthy of your success, can’t fully take that in and just chase another “high”.

It’s your ability to embody and express your innate gifts, your meaning, your purpose, your creativity in the work you do and the authentic way, form that works for you.

If it is out of alignment, you may feel:

  • Drained by your work and/or not excited anymore.
  • Not fully expressing your creativity, talents or desires.
  • Focused too much for external approval, chasing followers instead of honouring your gifts, creation process and what you heart dies to put there out in the world.
  • You don’t know what your innate gifts are or how to express them.
  • You live your Human Design  in a “not self” and shadow expression. 
  • You don’t know how to be authentic you in business.
  • Continuing to do programs and services which doesn’t ignite you anymore but that is what brings money or that is what “worked”.
  • “Bright, shiny object syndrome”. Jumping from one thing to another in what you do and how you do it. 
  • Getting lost in who you are and what is your direction.
  • Feeling stuck and not having sense of clarity.
  • Not having joy, satisfaction, peace, feeling of success in your work.

Structures and systems that supports and holds you and your business, so you can build and express all of you.

When it’s out of alignment, it can show up:

  • You don’t have time or support to build your business, project, write that book.
  • You look outside that you have “your shit together” but internally and behind the scenes you are a mess.
  • Getting complains of clients and customers because you don’t have time to take care of them properly.
  • Your team is draining you, creates drama instead of taking you to the next level.
  • You don’t have people in your life who could celebrate you, help you grow, support you.
  • You know you need to delegate something in your personal or business life to be able to handle things and continue.

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