There was never more prominent time for change and building yourself and your business differently...


We live in prominent times when to be truly fulfilled, successfully thriving, and making an impact, you need to drop the armors and live your personal truth from the place of freedom and inner alignment.

You can’t afford anymore to sabotage who you are and stop holding yourself back from what your heart is dying to put there out in the world. I am deeply convinced, when you live your authentic natural self, life can really flow in the most rewarding and effortless forms of abundance. And you deserve it, because it’s possible and because it’s the time!

And all that change starts within us first, with our daily choices, with opening our hearts, and shedding our limiting patterns.




My purpose is to help you heal, expand and build your inner capacity for the life you want!

I work a lot with people who are in life transition and want to rebuild themselves and/or want to do business in a new more conscious way.

So, what successful entrepreneurship is really about?


Entrepreneurship is mainly about your internal business… 

External success only happens when you allow your internal world to expand and grow, when you re-calibrate your nervous system to feel safe in receiving, embodying, and holding more of who you are and what you want to create.

It’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity!

It’s not about the latest marketing strategy, sales funnels, social media planned actions, or 7 magical strategic business steps. It’s not the business tools & strategies that will bring you to the next level and will create true long-lasting success. And yes, they do matter! But that’s only half of the equation. A lot people are missing that INTERNAL part to make those investments and strategies successful. 

Because fundamentally it’s not about the strategy but how you show up in that strategy energetically and in your way of BEING. 

It’s a journey about your own expansion and liberation from within. 

Your business success stems from your own becoming. It’s about the internal space everything is built from, it is about an energetic foundation & inner capacity to create and hold that bigger version of you with ease and inner serenity. It’s about the safety within to allow, embody and hold all without.


I invite you in business healing and expansion space

Are you wise, strong, talented, caring but feeling stuck, lost, off-track, and tired of dimming your light and not living your potential?

Are you craving for something different, non-conventional, something deeper?

In every level of expansion, there is a certain edge that you reach. Stepping in your fuller potential definitely makes you bump into glass ceilings that were limiting you in the first place.

It’s like when you turn on more of your inner light, your blind spots that were not so visible before immediately show up. Same as turning a light bulb in the room – you can see dirty corners way more clearly.

And then usually the journey of embodied growth involves:

  • Energetic shedding outdated ways of seeing and understanding yourself and what’s available to you.
  • Creating the space for your fears and doubts to be heard and accepted, learn to be friends with them, and see what gifts they have to offer. But not let them sit in the driving seat of the path you want to walk.
  • Claiming your desires, your needs, and feeling of safety to embody more. And then celebrating and recognizing your milestones of growth.

Expansion happens in your energetic and nervous system recalibration to receive, handle and hold more of who you are and what you want. And that’s what creates authentic energetic resonance with others.

“It's about your capacity to receive, hold and handle more of who you are and what you desire.”

I work well with these people

1. People who have already done some shadow and trauma work and now are ready to express their innate gifts, find their voice and build or level up their authentic business.

2. People who don’t resonate with the “old business paradigm” approach but not sure what’s the alternative and looking for something different, non-conventional, something deeper in unfolding and discovering new ways.

3. People who take ownership and responsibility for their life, and are all in to claim their gifts and potential.  And also understanding the importance of support in expanding and acceleration process. 

4. People who want to go deep and fast. Who need a mixture of sharply focused mind to cut through the core of the matter and gentleness, safe space to open their heart and go into their most sensitive, vulnerable parts.

5. I support you not only in building your business. You may not have one or may not be even interested in one for now but you want to build yourself, your business and your inner capacity.



"Inner work is probably one of the most challenging jobs you will do in your life, but it’s the most rewarding one."

How I work and how it starts? Discovery session for both of us first...

Let’s have a powerful conversation and get to know each other first.

About our discovery call

I do understand the seriousness of this work and how important to know that you choose the right person to support you and allow into your most vulnerable, sensitive parts you may try to protect so strongly.

I do dedicate my care and time to know you. I don’t do quick and dirty. It’s not my style, not for this significant matter. I respect you. When you get my attention, you get all of it. So use it wisely!

Book a time in the calendar. I don’t put an exact clock on it. We finish the discovery session when we feel complete. It usually takes 1 to 2 hours.

This way you can have a strong feel how our sessions would be like in the future and sometimes one session is all you need to get rolling.

We both will decide about the next steps. And if I can’t help you, I will try to do my best to direct you to someone who can. For me, it is essential you get the support you need.

I work very differently with prices too.

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right. I want to celebrate freedom to bring your own appreciation gifts to the party.

I show up with my care and I empower you to take ownership and responsibility of investing in yourself. I let you to decide what you want to contribute to your own expansion and and safe container to go to your personal depth. I invite you to feel your heart, your intuition, body and senses on this. It can be really powerful and healing moment of realignment if you allow it and don’t rush it through… Amount you decide can also set the energy and intention the way you show up in the sessions. Money is energy and also money can be a great amplifier. 

I work this way because I want to create more intimacy, embodied care and connection in our numbed financial system processes and the way we exchange. Also, I want to offer you the possibility to take ownership and give a chance to visit what shows up when you have this freedom to decide and get support you need when you need it.

The suggested energetic exchange lowest limit is minimum 100 euro (because I include my own boundaries).

Preparation for the Discovery call.

Take 15 min silence, slow down before the meeting and get clear why you approached me and what are your needs, and share with me as much as you feel relevant in advance. 

My packages

I typically work with a package from 2 to 4 sessions. But we tailor and customize it for you and your needs.

I don’t work on fixed prices, but I give you an indication that feels good to me. Here is my energetic exchange suggestion, feel free to choose any number that feels good from your heart’s resonance. Session takes normally 1 to 1.5 hour. I love to be your partner in your journey, so it also includes my support via e-mail or Telegram/Signal in between the sessions: to celebrate you, to share your progress, question, etc.

  • From 450 to 600 dollars for 2 x sessions package. To be used in 1.5 month.
  • From 675 to 900 dollars for 3 x sessions package. To be used in max 2 months’ timeframe.
  • From 900 to 1200 dollars for 4 x sessions package. To be used in max 3 months’ timeframe.

I work normally just with 5 clients at a time, so I also select whom I allow to come in my field and whom I give my most precious gift: my love, my care (and I care a lot), my energy, my attention, and my time.

I never agree on packages without talking to you first!

Book 1 on 1 session if you already had a Discovery session with me,
and we both agreed on it.